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Vacuum or gas filled bag

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Vacuum or gas filled bag

Hi people, i have a question.

I have a bakery and I would like to start a brand in my country to sell sourdough and long proof bread (not mass production) that have a longer shelf life when it's packaged. To purchase a vacuum with gas inyection is very expensive in my country (argentina) anyone knows if i can replace the machine (in the begining only, when i be more financially stable i plan to purchase one) with a vacuum pump, then fill it with n2 and co2 and seal it?

Would you recommend polypropylene or polyethylene bags?

Anyone knows what percentage of gas is the recommended for the breads?

I would like to use any or minimal conservant in my products so the gas filled seems a good idea

Thank you in advance, love this community!

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I have never heard of gas injection for bread. When I make bread it stays good for a week. Maybe make a small amount and let people order in advance?

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yeah, not injecting gas in the bread but control the amosfere where is packed the bread, like Bimbo or other brands.

Right now i'm doing small amounts but i want to sell to small markets and grow

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Here is a table of O2 and water vapor permeability of various polymer films (link):

Polypropylene (PP) has an advantage over low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for vapor permeability. However, it is probably the more expensive film and is harder to recycle than LDPE, at least in the US.

I don't know how easy it will be to evacuate and backfill a bread bag. Do you have a valve system that can switch from vacuum to gas injection?

Do you have a source of food/medical grade N2 and CO2 gases and the gas valves and regulators to dispense the gases safely?

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Thank you for the table alcophile! 

I'm planning to make this kind of system or in other case, buy it. And yes, here is a big company that produces various gases for food and medical purposes !

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Try asking your question(s) here, these folks are very helpful as well:

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Oh thank you very much Mariana! I'll take a look, it seems to be a great group