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New King Arthur starter is cracking

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New King Arthur starter is cracking

I am LOVING my new sourdough starter from KAB (KAF for the old schoolers). I got it in the mail a week ago and have made English muffins, crackers, a lovely no-knead recipe from Taste of Artisan (my fave regular no-knead recipe is from there as well), some dinner rolls (not special enough to link to), and some fab waffles. I should’ve taken more pics, but here’s the no-knead from Taste of Artisan. 

I need to practice slashing. I tried a (new, clean) utility razor blade but it wasn’t sharp enough…a lame is currently on the way to my house. 

The crust is thin and crisp and flavorful, and the crumb is moist but not gummy at all. Makes great toast and hearty sandwiches! Streamside lunch spot is optional. ;)


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Yummy. Looks lovely. I use a straight lame on a boule and a curved lame on oval loaves and baguettes. 



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Thank you for the tip! I’m excited to try mine out. I had one years ago, but kind of got out of all the bread baking, besides our sandwich bread—I was busy with homeschooling and teenagers and driving people all over the place to sports stuff—so I haven’t had a need for one. Or when I have baked a rustic loaf, I’ve just been using a sharp serrated knife. It’s ok, but the right tool for the job is always better!

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Lovely baking!  I have one of those UFO style lames so the blade is straight, thus I score everything that requires scoring with a straight blade.