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Proofing Mat

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Proofing Mat

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know about our new dough proofing product. "Dough Mat" by Bakehouse Essentials. The simplicity and ease of use make the Dough Mat an essential kitchen item.

The Dough Mat is an ultra thin heated mat with a temperature controller. (70-120 degrees Fahrenheit) which aides in the proofing process, saving you time, helping you control your environment, and eliminating the chore of moving your dough to warmer rooms/windows etc.

-Simply turn the Dough Mat on and set it to your desired temperature.     

-Place your covered bowl/pan on the Dough Mat and let it do the rest.


There are 3 convenient sizes.  9" round, 10"x14", and 12"x18" 


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RyeSmile (not verified)

First post here, an ad with a foggy photo. Website created in about June 2023, with no better photos and no company contact information. Warranty page doesn't even have the company logo. Website has links to social media, which are all empty -- 

-- except the no-engagement Instagram account with 65 followers, most of whom purport to be young men in India with low-activity accounts but an interest in following keeping their dough warm in their kitchens... with an electric device that provides temperature in F, uses US-shaped plugs and takes 120 volts (which is not what India's grid provides).

I'm curious how this works from the poster's perspective. Is the ultimate goal to sell this item to people here, or does posting here boost the poster's website in search results? Is posting here part of what ReScope is selling for generating leads?

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Hi RyeSmile

I apologize for any confusion.  This is my first post.  This is my company/dough mat, and the company products are new and based out of Salt Lake City.  Yes, it is my intent to sell the product.   It is not my intent to annoy and spam. (The socials are also new and will require time to get those up to speed)

The product is real, it does work, it really does!

There is an email: and I can respond to any and all questions.



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Hello and welcome!  I’ve used a makeshift electric proofing mat in the past with reasonably good results. I like that yours is cleanable. Can you please explain the controls, though. I don’t see a temp readout for set and actual, though. Are there 2 temp readouts and is “actual” the mat temp or is there a dough probe?

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Hi Brian 

Thank you for the question!  The temperature controller can be set anywhere between 70-120 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can see on the controller on the picture above the words Real Temp & Set Temp

Real Temp shows you the actual temperature of the mat.

Set Temp is the temperature that you set using the +/- buttons.  The set temp can be raised or lowered at any time, and the real temp will adjust accordingly.

The Dough Mat does not have a dough probe.

The beauty is that you decide how warm or hot you want it based on the type of dough, and your kitchen environment.