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Internship position for September through November

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Internship position for September through November

We would like to hire an intern to work at Bread Obsession in Lexington, MA for this fall.  This position would be ideal for someone who loves to bake bread and wants to try out commercial baking in a relatively small and high quality artisan shop.  This is a paid position.  Email if you have any questions and/or would like to apply.  Please include your resume, and explain your reasons for applying.


Bread Obsession, a woman-owned, independent, owner-operated artisan bread company, is looking for talented and creative individuals to help us produce delicious baguettes, ryes, sourdough, and pastries for our enthusiastic customer base.

Our bakers learn the entire bread baking process from preparing dough, maintaining sourdough starters, and shaping and baking loaves. We give ample training for cutting and shaping dough, measuring ingredients and combining with spiral mixers, scoring loaves, and loading them into our deck ovens. 


Job requirements include:

Design skills and artistic flair for shaping beautiful loaves

Energetic and hard-working

Available for early start times and Saturdays

Able to lift 50 pounds

Commercial kitchen experience a plus but not required

References required


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And to hear that Bread Obsession is doing so well that you need an intern.  As a retiree, it wouldn't be fair to get in the way of a younger person who is contemplating a career in baking but I have to say that the prospect is intriguing.

Best wishes for your continued success.


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Hi Paul,

There is no getting in the way here.  If you are interested please apply!  At this point we have 5 fulltime bakers plus me and my partner, but the fall is tricky as our students go back to college, and our busy season lasts through the fall, so we are always scrambling in September.  I thought I would see if anyone on Fresh Loaf was interested!  Thanks so much for your kind words.