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I had about 1 1/4 cups starter, 1 cup
water, 3 and a bit cups flour, and after all was mixed I added 1
teaspoon of sea salt.....kneaded all well.
I let it proof till almost double, then gently tried to shape it
into a ball, then floured the willow basket, bumped the dough in
kinda heavy hoping to get a good imprint of the basket. Put a lightly
oiled non stick pie pan over the top weighed down with a clean (been
through the dishwasher) fire brick.
Let it rise, I could see the dough through the perforated bottom of
the pie pan. Removed fire brick, gently turned the whole over, tried
to put a couple slashes in top, just in case it wanted to oven spring,
it did. Baked at 400, 55 minutes.