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Help me choose a mill. Salzburger vs Komo vs Mockmill

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Help me choose a mill. Salzburger vs Komo vs Mockmill

Hello. Im after a good mill. I live in Norway so it's limited what I can get my hands on. Salzburger I can import, even tho it will cost me more. I can access the mockmills and komo in my country. 

Is the Salzburger a much better mill? Say for instance the mt-12 (or others), will it produce better flour somehow? (smoother, more even, finer etc) 

I don't mind paying extra if the Salzburger is better. 

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Another Girl

I'm not sure how many people have first hand experience with a variety of mills as they are expensive and tend to last a while. I am happy with the flour produced by my Komo; however, I can't compare it to a Mockmill or a Salzburger because it's the only mill I have ever used. It's probably the same for most people, but there might be some members who have had occasion to try two or even all three of the brands you mentioned. Apart from the flour quality which I can't speak to, Salzburger mills have granite millstones and some models feature no-plastic construction, either of which might (or might not) be worth the extra cost to you. Good luck – and let us know what you decide!

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I am one of the odd ones who has owned a fairly wide variety of mills  ( though  I bought most of them used, then sold them used, so I don't have all that much tied up in mills).  From the ones that I have owned  ( Lee Household, Whisper Mill,  All Grain, Grind Al, Retzel,  Komo, Nutrimill Harvest )  the Lee produced the finest flour, but was slower than most if not all of the others when set to fine.   On the other hand,  I didn't really notice any difference in the baked product when using fine flour from one mill to another .  When setting a mill to coarse, the loaf had a different texture, but not dramatically different.  I have never seen or used the Salzburger, but would be surprised if the bread that you made with that mill would be any better than the bread from any other stone mill.   The Komo does a very nice job, and from what I have read, the Mockmill will give you similar results, though the appearance may not be as nice.  Most stone mills are pretty similar in design - one is fixed, one rotates, and there is some method to adjust the distance between the two, and to try to account for making the wheels exactly coplanar .  The second part may play a role in how wide a variation you get in the flour coming out - if they are not coplanar, some of the flour may be more finely ground than the rest, while if the stones are kept exactly coplanar, in theory, all the flour will come out about the same size. However, there is no particular specifcation that can tell you that for any mill.  As to whether granite is better than some other stone, I have no idea.  You should be happy with any of the 3.