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marble pita -100% fresh milled with clas

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marble pita -100% fresh milled with clas

Marble Pita with Bamberg Chocolate Rye Malt (with clas)

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These pita are made with lean doughs and the darker dough is colored and flavored by Bamberg Chocolate Rye Malt. It is quick to make with clas. There is a 25 min mix in the Zojirushi and then a 2 hr bulk fermentation at 30C.  

This dough was made as for a bolted flour. The sieved coarse particles were incorporated as an add-in during the last 3-4 min of mixing (after dough development and before bulk fermentation). No loss of fiber here but you can tell the difference in chew! 



Oops! I forgot to add that I used a whole buckwheat clas in the dough with chocolate rye malt--that helped darken the contrast dough.