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Rye is extending bulk fermentation time.

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Rye is extending bulk fermentation time.

I've recently started adding 4% Rye to my sourdough. I've done about 4 tests now and believe it has extended my bulk fermentation time by and 1-2 hours in comparison to no rye. Nothing else has changed between these tests including method, ingredients, dough temperature and starter. Only other factor I can think of is acidity but I'm not very versed in that and I've used the same starter and dough temp so I dont think that would be a factor?

Most of the sources I can find on the internet say Rye can sometimes speed up fermentation if anything so I thought I'd post here to get some more thoughts?

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funny you posted this because I just experienced a similar.  the rye itself acts normal when fed rye but the rye chef didn't grow as well as wheat chef when fed wheat.  I too am puzzled because rye is supposed to speed things up. Granted, it's 78 inside here and also my starters are relatively new.

one caution for you: sometimes rye looks like it's going nothing  compared to wheat but it's doing a lot. 

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These are just some observations and perhaps the added data will help.

I use about 8% rye in a sourdough called clas and the ferment is very quick. Bulk is about 2hr and then after shaping there is a 1 hr Final Proof (all at 30C).

The loaf is 92%  freshly milled whole wheat. 

For about 500gr total flour (80% hydration), I do add 1/2 tsp dry instant yeast.




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What did that 4% rye replace?  Is it whole/dark rye?  The addition of any wholegrain really speeds up fermentation because of all the additional nutrients and minerals in the whole grains that white flours do not have.  I wonder if the dough has become a bit stiffer because bran is notoriously thirsty and one usually needs to increase the hydration a bit when substituting a whole grain for bran less flour.  I wouldn’t have expected a substitution of only 4% to make much of a difference, but it is one factor that I can think of since adding whole grains usually speed up fermentation.


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I recently relearning sourdough, been few weeks, decided to really nail pain de campagne. My formula has 10% rye and 10%ww, and yes, the rye adds 2 extra hours of proofing (I choose to fixate my bulk 2 hours long with SF every 15 minutes within it, without seeking size doubling). Usually takes me 4 hours to proof with no rye, and 6 hours with rye. I added all rye in levain, all rye in final mix, same, extra 2 hours lol