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20230617 Simple, Air Fried 100% Whole-spelt Bread with CLAS

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20230617 Simple, Air Fried 100% Whole-spelt Bread with CLAS


Please see here and here to learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS). 



With CLAS, making 100% whole-spelt bread with freshly milled flour is simple; anyone can do it. Without using fat, dairy, sugar, or vital wheat gluten, and without turning on the big oven, you can enjoy an aromatic and wholesome loaf in just a few hours through proper dough development and fermentation.





10% flour from whole-spelt CLAS👇👇👇

90% freshly ground whole-spelt flour

15% water from whole-spelt CLAS

50% water,  ~40-45°C

7% water

1.8% salt

0.7% dry yeast

Total dough weight 580g



x 20-30 mins

Dough temp ~31-32°C


Bulk ferment

38-40°C x 50 mins






35°C x 25 mins



400F x 19 mins, covered with a stainless steel dish

remove the stainless steel dish

400F x 20 mins


400F x 20 mins



400F x 5 mins browning the top





Grind the spelt berries in the Vitamix 



until silky-smooth.




Add whole-spelt CLAS to the Zo.




Mix the dough in the Zo. 

If you prefer to increase the dough's hydration, refer to this post for detailed mixing directions.  



Dough temp ~31-32°C



Witness the remarkable gluten development of this 100% whole-grain dough within 30 minutes!

CLAS rocks!💪💪💪



Ferment the dough in the Zo,using Zo's preset "Rise 3" feature.

~38-40°C x 50 mins



Shape the dough and transfer it to a cake pan, covering it with a pizza pan.





Prove the dough in the Instant Vortex using its dehydrating feature. 

35°C x 25 mins





Score the dough to maximize rise and bloom in the air fryer.




Bake in the Instant Vortex without preheating, covering the pans with an inverted stainless steel dish.



400F x 19 mins

remove the stainless steel dish

400F x 20 mins


400F x 20 mins



400F x 5 mins browning the top







I forgot to take pictures of the bottom. 🙄🙄🙄



The crumb.



That's it!




👉👉👉How to make whole-spelt CLAS


 ground wheat malt: 25g

 Whole grain spelt flour: 75g

 Water T. 45°C: 140 ml

 Vinegar (5% acidity): 10 ml

 Fermentation temperature: 38°C±2°C

 Fermentation time: 24-36h

 Hydration: 150%

 End pH: around 4


To refresh spelt CLAS

1:7 (spelt flour in CLAS: new spelt flour), no vinegar needed

150% hydration@38+-2 C x 12 hours

I usually make about 500g of CLAS at a time with 200g of grains. It stays in the fridge until I need it to bake, and I stir it thoroughly before use. I usually warm it up with one of Zo's fermentation features while I prepare the remaining ingredients. When I've used up most of the 500g of CLAS, I refresh it using the 1:7 ratio to make another 500g, give or take. 


I set up a water bath (~low 40s C) in the Instant Pot, support the container with a trivet, and use the Instant Pot's yogurt feature to make CLAS:    

Then cover it with the lid.


P.S. 20230722 🤔🤔🤔


I can also make CLAS in the Zo using its 'Rise 3' feature because it operates within the same temperature range as a yogurt maker. I can either take out the bread pan, place the container with CLAS in the bread machine, supporting it with a trivet, or ferment the CLAS directly in the bread pan.




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The color is beautiful and it looks so airy too!

I don't have much experience with this grain, much less a 100% loaf.

I think I have just enough spelt but will use my rye clas.

You certainly have every flavor of clas out there. :)


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Just treat it as whole wheat - the handling is similar. 

I've made CLAS with every whole grain in my house, I think. Some of which I forgot to label, I almost mistook my sorghum CLAS for the sweet brown rice one.😄