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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 8 - The final part

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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 8 - The final part

All that was left, was to pull together the last “To-Do’s” and combine them with all the others to complete the project. So, without further ado.

  • Use a tablet, pad, phone or printed paper layouts for method, workflow times & temperatures. Hydrations, a gaggle of other info with non-essentials filtered
  • Formatting, fonts, cells, display and anything else that comes to mind 

Setting a single print area and using the active filters already developed, produced the targeted distortion-free pdf style printing. Which achieves having recipe cards that can be used on-screen or other devices. Printing to paper is also an option if it’s to be added to an existing portfolio. Both can be annotated, so there is a choice.
(Personally, I copy the recipe card to my phone as a pdf and make notes on it whilst baking). 

Formatting changed as the project developed, a succession of colours came and went, and cells got a highlighted makeover for completed tasks one way or another.

So, the ultimate question is…. Does it work?

Overall, a Detailed, Fully Formulated, Formatted, Self-Calculating Weight-To-Percentage Spreadsheet removing the need for a calculator in most cases. Entering weights as found, automatically giving a full array of bakers' percentages as the result. With the ability to compare, tweak and adjust a single recipe over multiple rows without losing the original. Including a raft of additional tools, and special features in a one-stop nifty layout. Developed into a complete website on its use, providing samples and finished bakes using all the sheet's capabilities and storing the location of the downloadable master Excel spreadsheet.

I’d say yes, Bakers Percent was Re-Imagined!

The picture displays a full recipe card for the BBGA Three Flour Rustic Sourdough with Cracked Wheat Soaker and a Yeasted Preferment, where multiple flours are used in multiple preferments’.
Complete as per the original 15kg TDW, showing Percentages for Hydrations, Prefermented flours and included ingredients.
Supplemented with a Revised Total Weight & Yield arrangement, Recipe notes, Timings & baking notes, document links, star rating, bakeware used and extra-over hydration information.


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Very impressive and thank you for your replies. 
How will this be made available for bakers to use and experiment with? I didn't notice a link to a file. Is this available online? Or is it for sale?
Thanks again.

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Hello Ian,

The intention is that the full spreadsheet will be available to download via the website as part of a subscription service. This will include the spreadsheet (Obviously), How to guides, Monthly Re-imagined Recipes, Q&A Forum, Video Tutorials, Recipes in pdf format and last but no means least, technical support.
Still toying with both a quarterly newsletter and a full row recipe "copy & paste" from "me to you" function as part of the service.

The website is in the final stages of design but is viewable Here or my fresh loaf profile url, where you can sign up initially for the newsletter and download the sample spreadsheet.