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Help identifying 20quart Mixer

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Help identifying 20quart Mixer

Anyone recognize this? Or more importantly, can I substitute Hobart A200 parts? Picked this up recently. Prior owner described brand as "Harvest".  (?Harvest Bakery Equipment, sell other brands' mixers currently)

Looks a lot like a classic A200 at first, but likely a Chinese reproduction per the tag with Motor details.  Appears to run well but haven't yet tested under load. Suspect likely benefit to repacking with fresh grease.  Would be willing to refurbish this and paint nicely, but hesitant dismantle before I know if I can get replacement parts. 

One point of confusion is that there is a hole on the underside of the attachment hub.  The prior owners had solved this with a rag stuffed in the hole and a zip lock over it as the didn't use the attachment hub. I'd like to find a more elegant solution. When I look at A200 repair guides they don't seem have this hole, so not sure what its purpose is. Is it possible it simply wouldn't leak if I repack with fresh grease?


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Looks like a  very similar mixer to the Hobart you mention... the company appeared to be in Taiwan, sells a newer but still similar model. Also appeared to sell B to B, and so rebranded on your mixer?

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Try contacting the company