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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 7

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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 7


  • Selecting rather than typing. preload drop-downs for recipes, bakers and bakeware. A-Z sorting of additional entries beyond preloads.

Creating dropdowns for selections since the “pick a row, any row” was sorted, was the simplest step, considering the recipe and baker names existed. Although it restricted the choice when it came to using alternative bakeware. A combination of preloaded and add & update was a better arrangement.

Shifting the drop-down selection lists to a new tab, combining recipe names, bakers, dry/soaker/wet and bakeware unified the use of volumes for alternative bakeware and adding dry ingredients or wet/dry soaker ingredients to an already portioned recipe. This might have started as a bit overkill, but filling the volume of a lidded pullman with different ingredients was worth the effort.

This didn’t stop the add & update function for bakers or recipes, added in either location, they update and auto-sort alphabetically as planned.  

Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 8 - The final part to follow