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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 5

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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 5

A variable section for each recipe, nothing too intricate needed as mainly guidelines.

  • Adding details, real times, rating, extra notes, methods, links,

No real need for the full recipe method, just the highlights are enough to be getting started and nudges as the day progresses. Extra baking notes for the actual bake sitting with timings, for those final stages.

Real-time duration is better than decimal in my humble opinion. Having each “phase” timed helps with the bake. It’s not “dough” time. It’s a clue as to how much time will or has elapsed. Completed as the bake progresses or as a guesstimate for how it will be, even added after the event for the next time.

A complete rating system for a crumb, crust, taste, texture and colour, was abandoned for a simple 1–5-star rating. Links to original recipes and methods got included in case there is a favourite place to glean everything from was also added.

Nope, the picture isn’t different from the one in Part 3 or Part 3a, It’s the same with the method, time, links and ratings neatly slotted in. Active filters are used to “hide” Part 3a percentages and items not in recipe.

Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 6 to follow


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Impressive work so far. Will there be the ability to choose (query) a recipe by loaf size? I tend to make smaller loaves (500-750g total weight).
Or will users be able to change an ingredient (say reduce 1,000g of flour to 400) and have the rest automatically change to meet the recipe’s basic percentages?

Looking forward to the final version.

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Hello Ian,

The Revised Total Weight (RTW) does exactly that on both counts.
The user can type in any loaf size and all the percentages from the original TDW will calculate the weight of each ingredient for the new RTW.
To reduce/increase flour. Entering the Original TDW/Original flour multiplied by desired flour weight in the RTW cell (i.e. =15000/7663*500=979g RTW or =15000/7663*350=685g RTW or in Excel terms =I5/G37*350) the sheet will again calculate the weight of each ingredient for new RTW using all the original percentages.
Adding a yield will give portion weights on whichever option is chosen.