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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 3

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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 3

Another chunk of possible useless information, perhaps, but still an important one. The next phase was to figure out a way of dealing with percentages in a virtually calculator-free way by entering only the weight of ingredients & allowing the spreadsheet to calculate everything else.

  • Formulas to calculate each ingredient's weight displayed as a percentage. A way of maintaining percentages throughout when increasing or decreasing Total Dough Weight. (TDW)

One thing found while doing searches was that each recipe was separate from the other. Either on different tabs on a sheet or filed separately. Nothing wrong with that, each to their own as they say.  I was looking for a way of seeing a change and keeping the original in view as and when it happened.

Goal - One recipe, one card, two weights, original and revised. Formulas to convert weights to percentages. Then a set of formulas to convert original percentages pro rata to weights for the revised dough weight. Then added a raft of extra info to the mix. (drop downs selectors for recipe/baker, % total, flour total, active filters) The latter is all part of the “To-Do” list, so not really extra work. 

Yes, the picture here doesn’t show much either. But it’s a condensed version using active filters, removing all items not included in the recipe, or not necessary for bake day.  Depending on the recipe a fuller version includes not only what’s shown but also all of the following

  • Weights & Percentages for Soakers, Sourdough Levains, Preferments (Pâte Fermentée, Biga, Poolish, Sponge, etc.), Variety of Flours and wet & dry additions.

Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 3a to follow