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Chashu bow dough with clas

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Chashu bow dough with clas

This clas dough with AP flour was a winner for billowy softness and texture in my first attempt on Chashu bow.

I used the dough from Yippee's Ham and Cheese Loaf. Wow, what versatility!!

The foodgeek recipe is here:

This dough handles so beautifully- you can stretch it easily over a mound of filling and then pinch it shut with a good seal. Be sure to sprinkle the sesame seed after the egg wash goes on for a good stick (I'll have to remember this!). Then let the buns go in for the final rise.

You need about 46 g clas, 300 g AP/unbleached flour to get a 600 gr dough. That will make 10 buns using about 3/4 lb BBQ pork. Buns locally cost around $1.80 each, so this is a great economical way to have them to your heart's content!