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Looking for food scientist consultant for CPG baking mixes

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Looking for food scientist consultant for CPG baking mixes

Hi all - I am an e-commerce entrepreneur (and home baker) working on a product idea that would be sold online to home bakers who want to make fermented sourdough at home (meaning, not just add pre-fermented flour or vinegar). 

Looking for someone who can help:

1. Answer questions about microbiology. For example - which instant/active yeast strains would be best to use in a sourdough mix? Maybe S. cerevisiae var. boulardii or var. exiguus?

2. Help me think about and find ingredients - the yeast strains above, flour, etc.

3. Help test and compute shelf life, formula, nutritional facts for packaging

4. Ensure production is compliant with all necessary regulations

I am located in SF Bay Area but this job could be done remotely where we meet over zoom and I do the actual labor after some discussion / advice. Or you can be hands on if desired. Position is part time to start, I would anticipate 5-10 hrs a week. 

Send me a private message if interested, with a summary of your experience and interest in this field.