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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 2

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Bakers Percent Re-Imagined Part 2

Well, that took a while!

As there will be way too much to take in, in one sitting considering what was included in my last blog post Bakers Percent Re-Imagined back in June last year and how long it took me to get to the finish line. I’ve decided to break it down into readable chunks so It should be easier to follow.

From the original “To-Do” list

  • Create Separate ingredient sections for Soakers, Sourdough & Levain, and Preferments (Pâte Fermentée, Biga, Poolish, Sponge, etc.). Main recipe with a variety of flours, wet & dry additions.

Listing what was included in the sections wasn’t a major issue, how the lists interacted with sources, searches & nice-to-haves was. Many iterations followed soon after to which included not just the item name, but customary to metric conversion for each item, its measure type and typical water content in its own column.

All of these created more work to include later for online sources, fractions, alternate bakeware, conversion to-from formulas and built-in automatic updates. All part of the growing “To-Do” list.

Yes, the picture doesn’t look much, but it forms the backbone of data entry. Each of the “green cells” is changeable to suit how you’d measure. The “grey cells” are changeable too, (In a different section). Both have the effect of updating the sheet as a constant. Change in one place and it changes in several other places.


Part 3 to follow.... fairly soon