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Portuguese Sweet Bread

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Portuguese Sweet Bread

This is what 14+ pounds of PSB dough looks like after it is turned into sandwich rolls and a loaf.  The loaf was egg-washed, the rolls were not.  The rolls are for a church picnic tomorrow. 

I used Mark Sinclair’s Back Home Bakery recipe to make a double batch.



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That looks great Paul, is PSB the bread that is most often served in Portugal?  When I was in Portugal there was always a white roll served with your meal, but I don’t recall it being sweet.


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Benny, those would probably be what I call "pops." Delicious, simple rolls, always fresh.  

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The bread severed in the breakfast everyday is different from the bread here. 

The definitive guide to bread in Portugal

Papo seco or carcaça | Portuguese wheat bun

We start with the most obvious bread choice all over Portugal, which is often simply translated to English as portuguese bun. Even though we do have several kinds of rolls, specially now-a-days when modern bakeries will diverge from the usual recipes from back in the day featuring things like multigrain (sementes), whole wheat (integral) or a mix of wheat and rye flours (mistura) instead of the most straightforward refined versions, carcaças could still be considered Portugal’s go-to bread. Also known as papo-seco or bola de água, carcaça is a classic white bread roll which is often eaten for breakfast with butter (pão com manteiga) or with a filling of ham and cheese (sandes mista). A papo-seco bread is very light weight wise, with airy crumb on the inside and flaky slightly crusty outside. While it may seem like there’s nothing spectacular about this kind of bun, ask many Portuguese people and they will tell you that eating a papo-seco with butter invokes not only nostalgia but also a certain sense of homely comfort. This type of standard bread may also come under the names bijou, viana, vianinha or molete, even though this may mean that a very similar dough is shaped differently, perhaps giving preference to a rounder form.

Papo Secos ~ Portuguese Rolls

Massa sovada akaPortuguese sweet bread is  sweet brioche-like bread.

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I’m sure your picnic is going to really enjoy these.



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I'm late to the party, but Wow, do those ever look good.