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The Breads of Egypt

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The Breads of Egypt

Hello everyone,

I would like to divert your attention to my blog and my "The Breads of Egypt" project, where I attempt to document the variety of bread in Egypt with accurate and well-tested recipes.

I have a few recipes on it already and there's a few more planned. Would love to get some feedback from some seasoned bakers if you have the time to try out a recipe. Even if you're not inclined to, you might just learn a thing or two about Egypt.


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your site is super interesting and, yes, gives insight into more than a thing or two about Egypt. I had no idea Egypt had such a vibrant bread culture. Thanks.


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I also enjoyed browsing the bread recipes on your (very polished!) web site.

I will give your Eish Baladi a try at some point. Is it possible to cook it on the hotplate (griddle) instead of in the oven?


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It might work. I never tried it. Maybe you should cook it on both sides to make sure it's cooked well all the way through.

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This is really neat, thank you for doing this project and sharing!  I'll definitely look into trying some of these recipes in the next couple months. 

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You're welcome and good luck with the recipes. Let me know if you have any questions.

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One of my fondest memories of Egypt was the bread!