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Ever have one of those days?

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Joe Fisher

Ever have one of those days?

So last night I was thinking to myself, "I'd like to make some sourdough this weekend. Tomorrow morning I'll take out some of my ripe chef and make a starter with it. It can activate while I'm at work."
This morning, I went into the fridge, grabbed my tub of chef. Grabbed the scale and a spatula, took out the stone ground rye.
Then I walked over to the garbage can and dumped half of the chef.
Then I stared at the chef I had just discarded.
*sigh* Stupid auto-pilot.



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On those kind of days, I find I typically mix all my starter into the new dough only to realize that I didn't hold any back. But, yes, I've had to pull starter out of the trash after I had discarded it too. Amazingly robust stuff.