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Baking recipe organizer app for Android?

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Baking recipe organizer app for Android?

My son gave me an Android tablet a couple years ago and it sits unused except once or twice a year. But it occurs to me that it might be convenient and useful to store and organize baking recipes. It lays flat and takes up less space on a countertop than a book.

Does anyone use a tablet for such, and know of a good app for it?

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I use both my iPad (iOS) and my Google Pixel phone (Android) for all of my recipes.  I use the Paprika app on both (iOS and Android), and I’m very happy with it both for baking and all of my cooking.

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I made the change from a spiral bound notebook to OneNote a few months ago. It's free on all platforms and syncs  between all copies. 

It's not perfect, but it's pretty good - and it's free to use. OneNote isn't specifically for recipes, of course, so it's more of a blank canvas, but you can create templates.


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I use a spreadsheet for my recipes, each on its own row. That way I can view, change and update multiple recipes at the same time. It works out all the Bakers' Percent from the weights entered, so it’s virtually calculator free. Sending a finished recipe card to a tablet or phone.

More about it here.

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Interesting. Three replies, all quite different. Gives me something to think about.