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Baking recipe organizer app for Android?

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Baking recipe organizer app for Android?

My son gave me an Android tablet a couple years ago and it sits unused except once or twice a year. But it occurs to me that it might be convenient and useful to store and organize baking recipes. It lays flat and takes up less space on a countertop than a book.

Does anyone use a tablet for such, and know of a good app for it?

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I use both my iPad (iOS) and my Google Pixel phone (Android) for all of my recipes.  I use the Paprika app on both (iOS and Android), and I’m very happy with it both for baking and all of my cooking.

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Another vote for paprika…I’ve used it for about six years and it’s the best thing that ever happened to my cooking and baking. I kinda miss my old giant three-ring binder where I stored internet recipes for so long…but it’s still in the cookbook cabinet, should I ever want to get it out and reminisce. 😉


I use paprika for my grocery shopping list, too. Two thumbs up. 

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I made the change from a spiral bound notebook to OneNote a few months ago. It's free on all platforms and syncs  between all copies. 

It's not perfect, but it's pretty good - and it's free to use. OneNote isn't specifically for recipes, of course, so it's more of a blank canvas, but you can create templates.


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I use a spreadsheet for my recipes, each on its own row. That way I can view, change and update multiple recipes at the same time. It works out all the Bakers' Percent from the weights entered, so it’s virtually calculator free. Sending a finished recipe card to a tablet or phone.

More about it here.

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Interesting. Three replies, all quite different. Gives me something to think about.

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I use evernote but if I knew the magic of spreadsheets I might use Google sheets because if would be neat to be able to scale recipes without doing math. But anyway,  Evernote lets you pretty easily capture notes from the www as well as cut/paste and type them in.