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100% SD Rye bread

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100% SD Rye bread

My 2nd attempt at a 100% sourdough rye bread. :)Finally turned out better!!
Made with wholemeal rye and chopped rye grains. Aromatic and sour..

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Would increase the hydration next time to obtain a more open crumb...if possible.


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Joe Fisher

Does it taste as good as it looks? :)


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It tastes more sour than the one i bought at a bakery 2 weeks ago, and more sour than the wheat varieties i usually make. And smells spicy like. :)
Overall, great with hearty stuff like smoked ham? :) ... I liked the taste. Definitely a keeper...

Only thing, it could be used to stone people like in the biblical days... just kidding. :P

Has anyone had experiences with 100% spelt bread? 'Dinkelbrot' ?