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Hi from Ohio

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Hi from Ohio

My name is Liz, and as it says, I live in Ohio, oriiginally from Rockland County, NY. 30 miles from Manhattan.

I was looking online for recipes for NY hard rolls, which I miss terribly, and haven't had 1 in 3 years, and came upon this forum.

I am retired, and just recently got into making bread, cause I was always working so didn't take the time. I'm hoping to learn a lot from like minded people.

 Have a great weekend!

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I use a sourdough called CLAS and there are Youtubes on it by rusbrot.

Here is a bake of the rolls in more detail here.

Combined with a very small amount of dried instant yeast you will get really nice and airy breads.

Do you have link for NY hard rolls?

Welcome here!... I would certainly say there are like minds here!


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Here's one, I see there's more discussions on the forums, haven't gone thru all of them to see if anybody cracked the code lol

If you search hard rolls, you'll find them


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…there was quite a stir over @nbicomputer’s (Norm’s) onion rolls, which @dmsnyder (David, and a TFL hero IMHO) republished as “hard rolls, vienna rolls, bulkies” and all were made with the same dough used for onion rolls.

Follow the discussion or search on hard rolls, you’ll find many, like you, looking for and working to recreate a remembered taste. They are still on my list to try someday, but I have not made them. But I would trust whatever dmsnyder has to say.

Good luck,