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Gluten free, vegan, cold start, instant yeast?

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Gluten free, vegan, cold start, instant yeast?

Its been a long while since I've been around. Neurological damage kept me out of the kitchen for a few years and the impairment has me struggling with things I used to know.


So while I'm combing through the rest of the threads that came up in my search two questions.

1) do I need to adjust my bake time with GF/vegan loaf in a cold start bake? It's just easier on me to rise and bake without having to struggle to move the loaf. I always verify with internal temp but heading to open the door so much to check isn't helping my bread any.

2) Is instant yeast what I need for mixing directly into my flour? I spill my proofing liquid to often now and I haven't gotten my sourdough stater going yet so I'm back to packaged yeast

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I am not a finicky baker that knows how long each type of loaf bakes. I always just baked until it was done. I think starting a loaf in a cold oven and baking til done will work fine for you. A consideration,tho, is that you might need to start the oven just before you think it is fully proofed. This will allow the loaf to finish up as the oven is preheating and before the crust is set.

You might try timing the amount of time from when the oven stops the pre-heating cycle and is at the set temperature. Subtract the preheat amount of time from the normal bake time and check the loaf at that point. It should be close.

9am Loaf is 3/4 proofed in cold oven-turn oven on

9:10 Oven stops preheating and is at baking temp (10 min elapsed)

Normal baking time for loaf in hot oven is 40 min so 40-10=30

9:10+30 min=9:40-check the loaf for progress. Like I said-should be close.


Instant yeast is probably easiest to mix in. Have you ever considered using baking powder and making more of a batter bread? I recently worked on an Irish Soda bread recipe and discovered I really like it as  daily and sandwich bread. It works great with 100% buckwheat flour or even buckwheat and brown rice flour.  

Have you ever made batter-style loaves? I found them to be much easier to physically handle when I had hand surgery on both hands. I mixed the batter in a mixer.  Then I would put my prepped baking pan down in the sink and tip the mixing bowl of batter over the edge above it to get the dough into the pan. I was desperate for homemade bread!

I've had my share of health issues and I have to say that you just have to find ways to do the things you like to do. If you will pardon my humor-if baking is what we like to do then  we should rise to the occasion. 

Best regards.



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Thank you so much for taking the time to make such a detailed reply!

To the proofing, yes the search results from here TFL mentioned that as well. My oven takes about 18 minutes to get to 350f but I haven't timed higher temps yet.

For the past 7 years I've rarely used yeast either doing wild sourdough or artificially leavened bread. And baking/soda powder bread is just very lacking in both texture at and  flavor. Without egg the structure is lousy and over the years I've given up on any savory non yeast bread other than drop biscuits because they weren't worth the bother of cooking or eating. I'll occasionally make a sweet quibkbread like pumpkin or banana.


I have a soda bread recipe that was suitable for soup dunking, I hadn't tried it on a loaf pan though. My round loaf didn't get high enough to be worth slicing 😂 just broke off hunks.

Other than my initial year gf all I've ever made are batter loaves. Definitely easier to handle but with trying get ivy my oven the pan gets banged to much and my proofed loaf instantly deflates. Hence the cold bake question, see if that solves my mobility related yeast issue.


Im glad you found a way to bake after your surgery. I'll keep trying. I think the instant yeast and the cold start will solve most of my current baking troubles for slice bread.


One day I'll have extra help to get into the storage unit where my 30 year old bread machine went to die 😂 and then I can try that method

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This is one of my "go to" GF recipes I recently worked on. I believe the egg can be optional in this loaf as there is flax and psyllium for structure. Add a little extra flax OR psyllium to replace the egg and it should work fine. 

This loaf was developed to mimic a slightly dense rye-hence the recommendation of bread spice,dates and walnuts (my favorite way to make rye.). It is suitable for making sandwiches and doesn't crumble when in hand  until it is pretty dried out a few days after slicing. I generally slice thin and freeze half the loaf as I'm the only one eating it. So have fun with it.


1 PULLMAN & 1 GIFT SIZE       380F 50-60 min

350 g buckwheat flour

150 g brown rice flour

8 g (1 tbsp) ground flax

10g (1 tbsp) fine ground psyllium husk powder

7g (1 tsp) salt

1 pinch of yeast

Mix all dry ingredients together then add:

500ml water and let sit in warm place overnight.

Next day-final batter:

Mix with a whisk till light yellow-as in making mayonnaise:

1 egg

2tsp oil

1 tsp vinegar

Bloom while whisking egg/oil/vinegar:

1-2 tsp yeast

½ tsp sugar

1 tbsp water



½ C snipped dates tossed with a little extra buckwheat flour if very sticky.

½ c unsalted pepitas or sunflower kernels or nuts

1 ½ tsp breadspice (equal parts fennel,coriander,cardamom and caraway-all ground)


Mix all together and place ¾ full in oiled and oatflake coated bread pans.

Proof just until crack/holes appear (like a rye dough)(45-60 minutes)

Bake in preheated 380F oven for about 50-60 min (internal temp 205F)

Cool but don’t slice for 24 hrs.


This does not develop much fermentation flavor-even with overnight preferment. (I sometimes use a tbsp of vegemite dissolved in some of the liquid to impart a yeasty flavor)


My Soda Bread is definitely NOT GF vegan with buttermilk and AP flour but I'd be happy to share that one,also.

Have fun!

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Thank you for your kindness in sharing your recipe unfortunately both eggs and psyllium are no go with my allergies.


Im used to having to sub and experiment, eventually it works out (most times) :)