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Prebiotic Bread

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Prebiotic Bread

I chanced upon some interesting YouTube videos of the JWU Bread Symposium 2021. One of them was a prebiotic bread by Michael Kalanty He uses a sourdough leavened soaker of home milled wheat grits, oats and flax seed to develop prebiotic bacteria.

It sounded interesting so I decided to give it a go and (painfully!) transcribed most of the recipe from the video and guessed a few missing bits.

It went something like this:

Prebiotic Bread Michael Kalanty



Prebiotic bread by Michael Kalanty JWU Bread Symposium 2021

Prebiotic soaker 16hrs at 22C


Overll bread hydration 72 %

DDT 25 C

Lev qtty: 350 French, salted, 50% hydration

Build 1: 7e5.15 8/8/4/0.08 25c

Build 2: 7e10 14/84 Can BF/42/0.8 25c tot 140

Build 3: 8m8 135/150 can bf/75/1.5 25c tot 360


Soaker make 7e9

Mulika wheat MockMilled coarse grits with flour 128

Pinhead oatmeal 67

Flaxseed, coffee grinder milled 45

Refreshed liquid starter 24

Salt 3

Malt 0.45

Water 330

total 598


Flours in main dough

Carrs BF 682

Soaker grains & seeds 252

Malt 3

Lev flour 233

Total 1170



Total 842

Autolyse water 320

Lev water 117

Soaker water 342

Bass 63



1.6% 13.3

Lev pH 4.6

M8 soaker pH 4.8

E12.40 soaker ph 4.15. lev ph 4.60


Main Dough

Autolyse with soaker

duration: 10m


3m ls

1.75 hs

2 rest

1.5hs w bass

15m in bowl rest

All in e1.35 dt23

Take pH 4.76!!!!!  Acid must have leached out of grains

Dough weight 2035


1 x bowlfold 

Bulk 2hrs 10m

Rise 54%, take ph 4.52

Scale: 2 x 850 bat and 1 small tin

BR no

AP no

Frij e4.15

Bake 9m8.30

Quite a lot of spread

Quite open crumb and tasty, some nutty texture from the grits

Low loft

Good enough to make again though!







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Good looking loaf Lance, did you enjoy its flavour?  Regarding prebiotics, they are a group of nutrients that are degraded by gut microbiota that may help promote health, they are not the actual bacteria. Whereas probiotics contain the bacteria that may promote a healthy gut microbiome.

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Thanks for putting me straight on the prebiotics Benny - I should have watched the whole of the video!

Yes, the flavour was good - I do plan to bake it again some time soon.


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I'm a fan of Michael Kalanty. I made his pizza dough recipe that was posted online. BTW - you need to really grind up the soaker or it tears the dough :

Prebiotic Whole Grain Pizza Dough

Makes four 10-inch pies
160 g Water
160 g Sourdough Starter
120 g Whole Grain Prebiotic Soaker (see below)
3 g Active Dry Yeast
12 g Olive Oil
6 g Honey
400 g AP Flour
8 g Salt
1. Blend together Water, Sour Starer and the Whole Grain Prebiotic Soaker. Add
Yeast and allow to rehydrate.
2. Add Olive oil, Honey, and Salt. Blend
3. Add Flour and blend until all flour is moistened.
1. On Medium Speed, develop dough for 4 minutes.
2. Invert dough in mixer bowl.
3. On Low Speed, develop dough for 4 minutes more.
1. 30 minutes @ 80°F.
2. Punch & Fold
3. 30 minutes more @ 80°F *
Once the Fermentation is complete, the dough may be divided and shaped into
balls. The dough balls must rest again before they are stretched, topped, and
baked. They can rest in the cooler or at room temperature, depending on your
schedule and the temperature of your kitchen.
* The dough may be bulk fermented an additional 24 hours in the cooler. When
ready, bring to room temperature for about 1 hour. Divide and shape into balls
using the above procedure.
Michael Kalanty © 2021


Whole Grain Prebiotic Soaker
30 g  Whole Wheat, coarse grind
15 g Whole Oats, coarse grind
10 g  Flax Seed Meal 
0.1 g (pinch) Organic Barley Malt
72 g  H2O (@ 70°F)
5 g  Sour Starter
1 g  Salt
1. Combine H2O, Starter & Salt in plastic quart container.
2. Add Wheat, Oats, Flax & Malt. Blend well.
3. Cover. Let stand at room tempº for 8 to 12 hours.


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Thanks Tony - that looks like an interesting pizza recipe; the soaker looks very similar to the one in the bread recipe.. In the demo he uses the mockmill to grind the grains directly before use.

When making grits/Schrott I would have sifted afterwards to remove the flour element, but he doesn't bother - it all goes in. For the oats I used some pinhead oatmeal (steel cut oats) as I didn't have any oat grains.

On his website he has a recipe for pain au levain I haven't tried it yet. It seems to have somewhat unusual procedures. He has a same day baking option, which actually seems to take place on the next day - I can't really work it out!