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Pizza Stone & wet doughs

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Pizza Stone & wet doughs


Has anyone ever baked a, let's say, wet naan dough on a pizza stone?

Will the moisture from the dough cause it to stick to the stone or worse, crack it?
I'm afraid to try that.


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Have no fear, unless maybe you are using a very cheap thin stone. I had one as a back up and lost it to a leaky calzone a few weeks ago.

Typically anything that does not have free liquid coming off should be fine on any stone, and a better quality stone can even take that. My very bottom line reccomendation for a baking stone is 5/8" thick and firebrick, rather than ceramic.


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I've made naan only a handful of time (I just love this bread and at Indian restaurants, I eat way too much). I made them on an outdoor gas grill and in the oven inside. I think the oven version works well. I had no problem slapping the dough onto preheated unglazed quarry tiles. Just remember to really crank up the heat.

Here's a nice article on how to make some Indian-style flatbreads:

Mr. Peabody

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Thx for the info peeps! Just kinda doubtful about pizza stones coz it's new to me. That's y i'm afraid it'll stick too.
Wish could own a tandoor.. :( But i don't think it'll fit in my narrow 2 room apartment. Even misting the oven causes the smoke alarm to go nuts sometimes. :P