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Recipe Calculators, Converters, Spreadsheets

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Recipe Calculators, Converters, Spreadsheets

Anyone else use spreadsheets to store/create recipes, to do conversions, or any other interestin baking things?


This is a link to the one I've made, which has my recipe dev calculators for bread/cakes/pizza/ice cream, as well as other mini converters, and my recipe cards. 


Was interested in seeing what other people have made, or use? 


Here's an example of what the bread dev calculator looks like, and one of my recipe cards


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Hey drewgi,I use all of your mentioned item's and more to create detailed pdf recipe cards. They include ingredients in sections, hydrations and a bunch of percentage values. Along with revised total weight. Recipe & baking notes, weblinks, times & temperatures.Picture sample below.Rafe

Recipe card