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Hybrid rye grains

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Hybrid rye grains

When looking to buy rye grains I now only find new varieties, hybrids like Danko, Serafino etc. They have lower enzymatic activity than traditional rye. wonder how this impacts the recipes I find in the Rye Baker and other places,


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Not all the new rye varieties are hybrids. Danko is an open-pollinated variety from Poland. Other OP varieties are Aroostook and Hazlett, and I believe Wrens Abruzzi is also OP. Serafino, Brasetto, Tayo, and Bono are hybrids.

Where did you find the info about the lower enzymatic activity? I would be interested to see that info.

If you find the activity to be lower, you could always spike in a small amount of rye malt to boost it.