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New Kid on the Baking scene

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New Kid on the Baking scene

Hi all!  I've been throwing myself into the rabbit hole of baking for about a year, specifically Artisan loaves and sourdough recipes.  

I did not, by any stretch, identify as a baker.  I've always been a cook.  I've needed that flexibility to tinker with flavors.

Bread (and a new kitchenaid!) has changed that.  I'm hooked and I like it!  I prefer savory to sweet, though I have dipped into Japanese Sweet Breads to drag my husband down childhood memories.

I live in the Frozen North, I've got two out of 3 kids still at home, and am a Bearded Dragon mom as well.  I moonlight as a Competitive Whiskerina, letting my wierdness raise funds for charity.  My alter ego is a Clinical Nurse Supervisor.

See you in the comments!



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Welcome to TFL Mrs P.  Beautiful loaf in your photo.  I am a semi-retired Family Physician, so it’s nice to see others in medicine here.  I look forward to seeing more of your bakes. I too love Asian flavors so you’ll see some of that in my baking.