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Workday 100% Whole Wheat - Latest Attempt

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Workday 100% Whole Wheat - Latest Attempt

I was hoping to get a more open crumb than the last time,  I didn't mix as long as before, staying closer to the recipe instruction of 40 folds in the bowl (I did the first 30 with 90% of the recipe hydration, then added the rest of the water as bassinage, and did 20 more folds to work the water in).  

I also made sure not to cut the bulk fermentation time short.  The retarded proofing time may have been a little short but I proofed 45 minutes at room temp before going into the fridge, and  my rye culture goes dormant in the fridge pretty quickly.  

The crumb is more open than the last one, and isn't too bad I think for 100% whole grain.  I don't see signs of over- or underproofing in the crumb, but I'm no expert.  

Any suggestions for opening up the crumb further are welcome.

Hamelman Workday 100% WW w/Bassinage

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I think you crumb looks great. As I have said before, I don’t think a 100% whole grain bread is ever going to have a very open crumb. If someone feels differently, I would also like to know.  Anyway to paraphrase Duke Ellington, if it tastes good, it is good!

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It looks fine to me, but what has worked best for me ( using 100% home milled white wheat ) is adding a 1/16 tsp Vit C per pound, and letting BF go to a doubling in volume, if not just a little more.  I don't get much oven spring, but the crumb is very soft. 

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Thanks everyone for the nice remarks.

I had been a bit disappointed because I wasn't getting the open crumb with the Workday 100% WW that I had gotten before.  But when I looked at the pictures Workday 100% WW Photos of all the tries, the latest was as good as any before.  And, with enough time for bulk fermentation, it did taste better.  

Fortunately, I bake the whole grain loaves (alternating rye and WW) for myself and the missus; we like the high whole grain percentage flavor and the health benefits (lower glycemic index and more fiber).   I'm not running a bakery where looking good is more important for sales than being good (all too true in many walks of life, sigh).  

When I bake bread for friends, it's usually a Challah with an irregular braid but a great flavor.