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Panettone Progress

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Panettone Progress

Hi all been doing some test bakes during our daily power cuts in South Africa, can’t get much bread baking done so been experimenting with panettone. Last bake below, starter wasn’t perfect but risked it.

I mostly followed Mauro Morandin recipe, replaced the fruit with chocolate and whole eggs instead of yolk, adjusted the hydration accordingly. Happy with the results so far, will use yolks next time, flour looks to be strong enough to handle the long fermentation. First dough was 15h( 22-26c ) and final proof 6,5h (30c).  




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Looks delish, and chocolate was a good idea! Lovely "Italian babka", well done!

I also struggle with load shedding. My current approach is to always have a fridge retard and to use ice bricks in the fridge as well if necessary.

Really curious to know what flour you used? Was it an Italian import or something like eureka bread flour?



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Thanks Jon, loadshedding is a pain working around new timings so hopefully will have that handled. Started actually using the fridge at 4c and not the 12c I used to work with, just need to spend more time waiting for the dough to bulk now. 

As for the flour I am using Gideon Milling Bread flour in the first dough and their Cake flour in the second. 

Also found in my latest experiment, leaving the second dough in the fridge for the night and then shaping the next morning, greatly improved the crumbs softness and rich butter taste. 

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Looks delicious! It's a fascinating process, isn't it?

Yes I agree, use yolks only, as the whites are too structuring. I recommend to not use cake flour, but instead use bread flour for the second impasto. A flour with W of 350-360 is perfect for 2nd impasto in my opinion.

First impasto, use at least W 360 or an actual panettone flour, to handle the long first fermentation.

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Thanks Sue, been working my way though SD panettone and viennoiserie, very interesting. Will make adjustments on the next bake. 

At the moment they get dry by the 3rd day hopefully that’s just an issue because of the egg whites.