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Hamelman Workday 100% Whole Wheat

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Hamelman Workday 100% Whole Wheat

I've baked this 3 times now, from "Bread" 3rd edition.  The recipe is organized to fit into a working person's schedule with each step about 12 hrs apart spread over 3 days. 

 Workday 100% WW

Here are the photos: Workday WW Photos

The hydration is 80%; I wanted to try bassinage on the latest try to see if I could get a better gluten structure.  I really worked the dough hard; it didn't spread much at all.  But all that working resulted in a very tight crumb.  

There's probably a happy medium with just enough gluten development for volume and ovben spring, but so much that the crumb tightens up completely.

It tastes really good, in any case.