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Help: Too soft crust in Rofco B40 oven?

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Help: Too soft crust in Rofco B40 oven?

Any ideas how to get a super crunchy crust on the Rofco? 

My crusts were spectacular using Staub dutch ovens in my conventional oven.

Ileft covered for 30 minutes at 550º then took out of the dutch oven and placed on a pizza stone for another 15 minutes at 480º

Although my breads in general as much better in a Rofco, the crust is much softer. (It is not bad, but not the crunch that i am trying to achieve.)

I am baking at 250º for 20 minutes using steam pods with about a 3 second pour, then 200º for 20 minutes

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I have Rofco ovens  do the other way - preheat at 250,  drop bread loaves and temp down to 180 for 20mins then up to 230 for remainder of bake.

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Do you steam and vent? At what part into baking would you, if you do? I’m having the same issue as the original poster