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Haussler Master Oven user community

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Haussler Master Oven user community

Dear all,

I made the acquisition of a Haussler Master oven delivered in November.

I love to share my experience and tips and tricks with folks to help master the "beast" 

I moved from baking in my Thermador steam oven to the Haussler oven and it is definitively a learning curve .... 

I am not a professional but love to perfection my craft and contribute.

Happy to share my experience and learn from the community.

Happy Baking for 2023 !


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Dom - I'm sorry to see nobody adding to your initial request. I'd be happy to share my experience with the Master. It is not like other deck ovens I"ve used and there definitely is a learning curve. Preheating takes longer than what is recommended, there is quite a bit of hysteresis built in to the temperature set point, it benefits from extra steam during loading.... I can go on!