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Panettone breaking apart

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Panettone breaking apart

Hello, I've tried this panettone recipe a couple of times


Ingredients (first dough )

115g pasta madre

400g panettone flour 

200g water

125g sugar

90g yolk

120g unsalted butter

-----------Fermentation until it triples in size which takes about 16h  at 20 C---------------------------------------------

Ingredients (second dough )

All of the first dough

100g panettone flour (super high protein flour)

110g sugar

50g honey

160g yolk

6.5g salt

215g unsalted butter

350g dried fruits

----------------Fermentation in mold which takes about 12 h  at 20 C-----------------------------------------------------

Baking at 180 C for about 50 min

The problem is that when I hang it upside down the panettone breaks apart, I don't know what the problem could be, I've tried decreasing the amount of dried fruits but it still breaks when hung upside down.

My theory is that I should add more gluten to the flour, decrease the fermentation time and let it be in the oven a bit more.

I'm a beginner at this so sorry if I didn't give enough data, will provide more if needed. Thank you for your time!

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The differences between this recipe and the one I use are: about 50 grams less flour, 100 grams less butter, 150 grams less fruit and 70 grams more yolks.

Assuming this is a workable recipe, maybe you are not developing the gluten enough in the doughs. The amount of fruit is not the issue here.

What is the acidity of your PM during the refreshments, and of your dough after the overnight fermentation? If your dough is over acidified it will not develop gluten well in the second dough, and will fall apart later.

If your PM is good, are you getting a strong windowpane after the addition of each ingredient?

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Thanks for your comment.
I've got no ph meter, is there a way to know the ph without it? Or a way to avoid the dough from being too acidic?
And yeah the windowpane was pretty strong after adding each ingredient.

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It would effect your windowpane.

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Many people rely on simply tasting their LM to determine the balance. There is a group on FB dedicated to this type of LM management.... personally I don't do it, because any description of taste would depend on one's subjectiver opinion of what is being described as acidic, cheese-like, etc.

It is true that pH is only a partial representation of the acidity of a LM, as some of the acid content is not measured in that way. So other means of determining quality should be considered.