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Lithuanian Black Rye and 40% Emmer and Einkorn

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Lithuanian Black Rye and 40% Emmer and Einkorn

Two fun bakes this weekend...  A Lithuanian Black Rye recipe that I found on IG, and my 40% Whole Grain (Emmer and Einkorn).  All the whole grain flours in both breads are fresh milled using berries from Janie's Mill.


Rye Sour
100g   Whole Rye flour
100g   Water
30g     Starter
1)   Combine ingredients and ferment at 76 deg F for 8-10 hours

20g    Fermented Red Rye Malt (Solod)
30g    Whole Rye Flour
10g    Caraway Seed
4g      Coriander Powder
48g    Molasses (Blackstrap)
130g  Water (boiling)
1)   Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Add boiling water and stir until no dry ingredients present.
2)   Cover and cool on countertop for 1-2 hours

Final Dough
200g   Whole Rye Flour
150g   Whole Wheat Flour
170g   Water
10g     Salt
30g     Honey
1)   Combine flours and salt in a mixing bowl.  Whisk together and create a well.
2)   Combine water, honey, scald, and rye sour in flour well and mix to combine.
3)   Mix in flour salt blend until all flour is wet.
4)   Hand mix/knead for 20 minutes.  Dough is sticky.  Use wet hands to minimize stickiness.
5)   Place in oiled bowl and bulk ferment for 4 hours at 76 deg F
6)   Roughly shape dough and place in loaf pan.  Press dough evenly into pan with wetted spatula.  Smooth top.
7)   Final proof for 1-2 hours at 76 deg F.  Let dough roughly double in size until first few pin holes present in surface
8)   Preheat oven to 465 deg F.  Lightly mist dough surface.  Bake at 465 deg F for 40-50 minutes.

This bake went very smoothly until the very end.  I didn't quite oil my pan enough and the loaf stuck all the way around the very top edge.  It easily released when I ran a knife along it.  Made a "glossy" edge around the top perimeter, but it softened as the loaf matured overnight.  Really happy with how open the crumb is on this bread!

NOTE:  No beer was used in the recipe.  I just thought a Russian Imperial Stout was the perfect "celebratory" beverage for this bake.  :-) 


45g  Bread Flour
54g  Water
9g    Starter
1)   Combine all ingredients and ferment at 70 deg F for 12 hours

Blueberry Yeast Water Poolish
45g  Bread Flour
54g  Blueberry Yeast Water
1)   Combine ingredients and ferment at 76 deg F for 12 hours

Whole Grain Autolyse
90g   Whole Grain Emmer
90g   Whole Grain Einkorn
126g Water
1)   Combine ingredients and mix until all four is wet.  Cover and rest on counter for 60 minutes before final mix.

Final Dough
67.5g    All Purpose Flour
112.5g  Bread Flour
58.5g    Blueberry Yeast Water
9g         Salt
1)   Combine final dough ingredients except salt with the levain and poolish.  Mix until flours wetted.
2)   Fermentolyse 15 minutes
3)   Laminate the whole grain autolyse, final dough fermentolyse, and salt.  Thoroughly mix with pinch and squeeze.
4)   Rest 15 minutes
5)   4 sets of bowl kneading with 10 minute rests.  Bassinage an additional 2-3% water if needed.
6)   Bulk ferment at 76 deg F.  Folds at 45 minute intervals until dough is "puffy".  Roughly 3-3.5 hours.  Allow dough to bulk roughly 75%.
7)   Preshape and bench rest 30 minutes
8)   Final shape and proof at 76 deg F.  I proofed for 75 minutes and then refrigerated for 2.5 hours while we made and ate dinner.
9)   Preheat oven to 465 deg F and set for steaming.  Bake at 465 deg F (2 minutes); 400 deg F (18 minutes); vent oven; 440 deg F (20-25 minutes) until a hollow thump.

Really happy with how this loaf turned out.  Great oven spring and crumb for a 40% whole grain loaf with Emmer and Einkorn.



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But I think that the rye sounds most interesting.  So many different flavor notes in that symphony!


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Thanks Paul.  The inaugural bake using your starter since it has an appetite for whole rye.  There is a lot going on, but the early dominant aroma is the molasses.  Will be interesting to see how it ages.

Econprof's picture

I love that type of bread! What did you think of the flavor?

HeiHei29er's picture

I haven’t tried it yet.  Tomorrow for breakfast.

The top crust was nice after baking but that glassy edge had me worried.  It softened up so nicely after 24 hours that I had to get a look at the crumb.  Just finished up another loaf today and will try this one for breakfast tomorrow. 😉

Early indications are the molasses and caraway will be dominant, but will see tomorrow for sure.

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Another Girl

Both breads came out beautifully. I don't know how you manage to pull off two such different bakes at the same time. It must take a lot of careful planning. I look forward to your tasting notes on the rye loaf in particular. Good stuff in there! 

Did you also make your very cool cutting board? My husband just finished making one exactly like it.

HeiHei29er's picture

Thanks AG!  Two different bakes isn't too bad.  They're different but the steps are spaced out enough that it gives me time to reset and switch gears.  I'd need to put together some kind of log sheet to keep track of progress and timing if I tried doing a third.

The cutting board was a gift.  That's well beyond my skill set as a woodworker.  :-)  Kudos to your hubby for being able to build one:

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Both bakes look amazing Troy.  I’m sure they both tasting wonderful too.  Love the cutting board!


HeiHei29er's picture

Thanks Benny!  Haven't tried the Emmer/Einkorn loaf yet, but the rye was very flavorful!  Complex without any one flavor standing out.  Not sure how to describe it, but it did taste very good.

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Nice looking breads and an impressive rise on the emmer/einkorn, considering you have 40% of pretty low gluten flour there.


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Thank you Lance!

That's the second time I've made that bread and had a similar crumb both times.  Not sure what the cause is, but those flours do seem to play nice together.  :-)

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Those look really nice.  In the past year I have gotten into the dark rye breads (Borodinsky more so than Lithuanian, but have made both).  Emmer has a nice flavor too, and I plan to order some more emmer flour from the grower in New York.  Those are a couple of first-rate loaves.  You have inspired me to bake some more dark rye and emmer soon (but not in the same loaf).


HeiHei29er's picture

Thank you Ted and happy baking on your next dark rye!

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Both look fantastic. For your Einkorn and Emmer bread did you use the total amount of your YW levain and SD levain in the final dough?

HeiHei29er's picture

Thanks Ian!

Yep.  Total prefermented flour is 20%.  10% from SD levain and 10% from YW poolish.  Both at 120% hydration.

Isand66's picture

I didn’t get you were adding additional YW instead of water to the final dough so it confused me.  All is clear. I have to make a new YW to start using again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

HeiHei29er's picture

I did add additional YW in the Final Dough.  Didn’t need to though.  Just had a little I wanted to use up.

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Those are some beautiful loaves! That rye bread looks especially delicious (I'm partial to rye).

Another rye bread to add to my To-Do list!

HeiHei29er's picture

Thanks!  I need to make that one again myself just to see if I can reproduce it.