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Hello from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

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Hello from Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

I’ve been a voyeur of this site for a bit and am so impressed with both the knowledge and willingness to share by all the contributors. Glad I found you all. 


A little about me. For years I would make bread occasionally and, in my opinion, not very well. Everything changed when I purchased a Komo mill and ordered some berries. For baking I use Emile Henry cloches with great success (love the soft crumb). We haven’t picked up store bought bread for years now. Right now I am trying to reduce/eliminate using store bought flour in my breads. My current choice of wheat is the Turkey Red - fabulous aroma and flavor. It’s a wonderful and healthy obsession that I like to share with my friends and neighbors. 

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Welcome and thanks for posting!  Would love to see some of your breads if you feel like sharing at some point.

I hear you the fresh milled grain and use of Turkey Red.  I've just started using a new blend of wheat berries for my fresh milled WW, and Turkey Red is in that blend!