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Finally another Emmer bake!

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Finally another Emmer bake!

This has been a long time coming but a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to making a 50% Emmer loaf (thanks to Ted’s prompting 😊).  It’s been a crazy few weeks getting everything sorted for a much awaited trip back to Europe to visit family. so to bread…

Bread flour 210 g (49.5%)

Malted four 2 g (0.5%)

Emmer 212 g (50%)

water 305 g (72%)

salt 8 g (1.8%)

Levain refreshed and left over night to ripen - I used 133 g 100% hydration starter (part of total dough weights above)

13:30 pm mixed dough for 5 minutes added salt then mixed for a further 5 minutes. Turned out onto bench and then did 30 SLAFs just to finish dough. It was a firm dough and could probably taken more water but I decided to stick with the 72% hydration.  

14:25 pm turned dough out onto bench and gently stretched and laminated dough

15:15 pm coil folds ( repeated twice more at 45 minute intervals) then left to bulk ferment.

20:00 pm dough looked ready so preshaped and left to rest for 30 minutes

20:30 pm dough shaped and placed in banneton and left on bench for 45 minutes before being placed in fridge overnight.

Next morning

08:15 am dough removed from fridge to warm up on bench, oven turned on

09:00 am dough removed from banneton, scored, sprayed with water and placed in preheated DO.  Baked for 16 minutes at 240°C then 20 minutes with lid off.



I am really happy with the crumb on this bake, I thought it may have been a bit more dense than it turned out to be.  The only thing was a little bitterness in the crust when it was fresh.  After freezing I haven’t noticed this.  The flavour of the emmer is much more obvious than it was with the last bake which was about 30% Emmer flour. Maybe next time a slightly lighter bake on the crust .




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Wow that is super duper for a 50% emmer loaf Leslie.  I’m sure it is delicious, although I’ve never tasted emmer I hear it is a great grain.  Well baked.


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it was really nice to work with, I probably should have increased the hydration but really happy at how open the crumb is.  The flavour is in my opinion more delicate than a 50% whole wheat bread would have been.

thank Benny


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Pass the butter! Irresistible.

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my new favourite grain,  thanks Cellarvie


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That looks fabulous.  The color of the crumb is likely due to the emmer (I have done only two bakes with emmer so far, but also intend to do more in the future).  Emmer does seem to gobble up water, and it is not a difficult flour to work with.  Something in the 50-60% range seems to turn out well.

Was it your intention to achieve the various open areas in the crumb (rather than something more uniform)?  Or was that the result of shaping and not tamping down big bubbles?  My 60% emmer bake had a denser crumb.

Have a great transition to Europe and continue posting your bakes!

Happy baking.


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I like how open the crumb is and whilst I didn’t specifically aim for this I am happy with it.  I don’t try to deflate the bigger bubbles unless they are really obvious in the dough. I suspect shaping and some surplus flour will be the culprits (if that is the right expression)

thanks for your thoughts Ted, happy baking


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Such a crumb with 50% emmer, Leslie? That's amazing! 

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maybe the stars aligned themselves just for me that day!!  I gave the BF plenty of time and perhaps that along with bench warm up before baking did the trick! 

Happy baking Abe!


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Looks great Leslie!  I’ve messed with Emmer and Einkorn a bit and this loaf reminds me I need to revisit it!