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I haven't received any email in a long time.  Is there a problem with this website?

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contact the website owner Floyd (Floydm).  I've had the same thing happen recently (and once prior).  From my DM with him...

<Looking at the e-mail log to your address, it says "This email was not sent because the recipient previously marked your messages as spam." 

I see a few other Comcast email addresses successfully receiving my messages, so either you accidentally clicked something to report it as spam or the message volume was high enough to your account that Comcast decided it was spam.>


<I poked around and did actually find the spam report. I cleared it, so hopefully you'll start receiving messages shortly.

The report was dated April 4, 2022. Interestingly, of the six spam reports in the folder since early 2021, 5 of them are for Comcast addresses. I'm not sure if that is because so many people use Comcast and get their mail there or because the spam reports are being sent from Comcast itself rather than by site users.>

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If you mean the daily digest email then yes, you are right, a little over a month ago the daily digest emails stopped.

That service was provided by Feedburner, which is a company that Google bought many years ago. They've been warning for years that they intended to phase it out one day, but they never said when. It appears that they finally decided to turn the power off this summer.

 I haven't found a terribly good replacement for it yet. Blogtrottr will do it, but be warned they embed a great big ad at the top and bottom of each message.

The feed itself lives at You can use any RSS reader to access it.