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Brioche babka with cream cheese filling

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Brioche babka with cream cheese filling

Last week Natalya Syanova of Natasha's Baking posted a short video of a babka with a cream cheese filling that I just had to make. The filling she used was made with cream cheese, an egg yolk,  sugar and vanilla, so you can imagine the resulting flavour, and she also use a brioche base for it to ensure a super soft and pillowy texture.

Instead of using her brioche recipe though, I used a Tangzhong one from Bread by Elise.

The resulting bread is delicious and so soft, although my guilt-o-meter is off the charts when I think of the cholesterol in it.

The crumb is super soft and shreddable with small pieces of cream cheese fat embedded in it and only the very thinnest layer of filling visible in the final bread. I might be inclined to use a more conventional babka dough if I was to repeat as the brioche dough kind of collapsed a little under its own weight while cooling.

And next time I'll chill the cream cheese filling so that it doesn't ooze out during the roll up step of the babka shaping!



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Very much like the cream cheese braid that has been around for decades First popularized in the 1982 Southern Living Magazine. I used to make it every Christmas. Your braid is lovely. I bet it is wonderfully rich

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Sounds absolutely sinful!  Almost sounds like cream cheese frosting on the inside instead of on top.  Nothing wrong with a little splurge now and then.  😁

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That sounds decadent Jon and nicely baked.  That is quite a treat I bet.


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I can almost taste how good this must be.  What’s another notch on the belt 😉😂