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Sesame Coconut Matcha Milk Bread

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Sesame Coconut Matcha Milk Bread

I decided I wanted to do something different and fun so why not make a multi-flavor sweet milk bread and see what happens. I found out that deliciousness happens!



I started with a basic milk bread recipe that I use for dinner rolls / hotdog buns / hamburger buns. Scaled it to 900 grams and then divided the dough into 3 parts. Added mix-ins of black sesame, matcha powder, and dried coconut into each. 

Once proved I stretched out each dough and gave it a light sprinkle of sugar, a mist of water from a spray bottle, and then layered the next one. That stack of dough was then shaped and put into a pan for the final proof. 

Finally the whole thing got baked and the results were pretty on the inside and out!

Sensei's Report Card

Tasting Notes: Soft and sweet. This would make amazing French toast for breakfast. I've enjoyed it lightly toasted with some butter and even just as is. The sesame is a bit strong and can overpower the other flavors, however if I pull a part of the bread apart and eat the flavors individually they are present. I could honestly see doing this again as just coconut...or just matcha or maybe even a coconut pineapple bread.  


Time/Effort: Takes about 4 to 6 hours from start to finish as it is a yeasted bread that is risen twice and baked the same day. Low effort as it can be made completely in a stand mixer other than shaping.    


Would I make it again: Yes, I would make this one again. I would leave out the sesame as it can be a very strong and dominating flavor. Or just do it as a sesame bread. I love coconut so I'll likely do it with just coconut or maybe as a coconut pineapple bread next time. This is a fun sweet breakfast bread for sure. 


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Great bake.  I’ve never had any luck getting a real strong coconut flavor.  How strong a flavor did you notice?


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Lovely bake Steven.  I wonder if coconut milk would work instead of milk to help bring out the coconut flavour?  I do love milk breads and their versatility in doing things like this bake.


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Perhaps. I've used coconut milk in bread before so that could work. Also even a touch of coconut oil could be useful. The coconut flavor itself was fine in this bread...just hard for it to stand against the sesame. Next time I do this as just a coconut...or a coconut/pineapple bread I'll for sure also try it with coconut milk as well. OOh, maybe even with some macadamia many ideas!

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Looks great and love the idea of coconut/macadamia nut!