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Proof failure

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Proof failure

I am using Ken folkish 50% whole wheat bread, I am milling red hard winter wheat 500g, white flour 500g It all seems to go ok until the proofing. When put in proofing basket it seems like the right texture but When I take it from the proofing basket it’s seems soft and hard to handle running round  my hands. Not cracking sound when I take it out even. Taste is good but would like it to look like a round loaf not one that has missed shape and wonky. Thanks in advance. 

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Not sure from your comments what is going on, but if you are following Forkish's timing, many find that the loaf comes out way overproofed.

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Welcome to TFL !


To back up what Barry said...

FWSY, pages 28, 65 and others, says his daytime room temp is 70 F.

Page 66 says his overnight house temp is 65 F / 18 C.

So if your room temps are higher (most people's are, therefore almost everyone has to adjust FSWY formulas), both bulk fermentation and final proof will go faster.

Even if you do final proof in fridge, that extra built-up yeast and fermentation from the bulk fermentation period eventually shows itself.

The way to compensate is to use less levain, and/or shorter periods for bulk ferment and final proof. You get to choose which way works best for you.


Another possible cause is that home-milled WW flour ferments quicker than store-bought WW flour. Even in the fridge, home-milled WW keeps chugging along!  I home-mill too and wrote some observations here:

If you use home-milled flour to maintain your starter instead of store-bought white flour, I think that tends to "supercharge" the starter.


Good luck, and welcome to the home-milled bread party!