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Sunflower Seed Rye (Bread Baker's Apprentice) - Modified

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Sunflower Seed Rye (Bread Baker's Apprentice) - Modified

Wanted to have a light rye bread for sandwiches and of course some extra flavor and crunch from things like seeds and nuts are always welcome. I had considered doing a sweedish limpa rye with sunflower or even a 100% rye but stumbled across this recipe from Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice and figured I'd give it a try. The original calls for some commercial yeast and can be baked on the same day the dough is mixed. It is also shaped completely differently in the book.  I decided to omit that yeast and treat it as a normal sourdough with an overnight cold rise. 


Tasting Notes: The rye is present and the bread has a nice sour tang. The sunflower seeds add a nice flavor to the rye as well. The crumb is soft and the crust is crispy. Sliced thin and toasted it is crispy like a cracker. A little thicker and it is an ideal kind of sandwich bread. 

Time/Effort: 3 days - An overnight soak for the rye and toasting of sunflower seeds, Day 2 is mix prove and shape followed by an overnight prove. Then baked off the next day. This is my normal routine for sourdough. 

Would I make it again: Yes. It's a good solid loaf of bread. If you don't like rye you could easily substitute whole wheat for the rye and have a really nice loaf there as well.  


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Nice job.  Looks like you achieved a nice open crust.  I haven’t baked this one in years but if I remember it was very tasty.

Happy baking.


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Very pretty scoring Steven and a great crumb that is nicely open for that amount of rye.  Must be delicious with the addition of the sunflower seeds too.