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What's the best way to heat up romertopf in the oven?

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What's the best way to heat up romertopf in the oven?

I want to quickly heat up my romertopf in the oven. What's the best way to heat it up (without soaking it)? Should I place it in the oven with the lid on or is better to have a open clam? Which method would give me quicker results?


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I didn’t soak it just rinsed it and preheated with the lid on to retain moisture. I doubt that the time would change much with the lid on or off. If you are baking a second loaf it may work better to leave the top in the oven while the first one browns with the lid off. 

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You know it takes I figured out about 40 min to heat up my clay pot to 450 F. By that time all the steam evaporates from the clay pot. So I suppose there is no point to soak it at all, it will only delay heating up process. What do you think?

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The steam comes from the wet dough heating (at least in my case, i use this - 

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I put some parchment in my clay baker. Put the dough on the parchment and cover. Stick it in a warm oven to proof. After 50 minutes or so I slash the dough, recover and set the oven (with the clay baker and dough in the oven) to 425 and wait for the oven to get up to temp before I start timing my bake.