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Restarting Sourdough!

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Restarting Sourdough!

Not much to say, except I'm re hydrating my 2g of dried starter from 3(?) years ago. I've been feeling better and store bought bread prices have been going up. Almost $4 a loaf here for the basic stuff. I've got bubbles in my tiny starter which is half rye and half whole wheat. If anyone remembers, I was having water problems when trying to get it going the first time. So far I have only been using filtered water and no bottled, so my fingers are crossed this stays alive (it's hurricane season and people panic buy the bottled stuff).

On another note, I found a glass bottle of regular yeast starter in my refrigerator door, from 2018. I made rolls with it, no problems at all! I made the Cafeteria Lady rolls, but they came out more like biscuits. And so on I go to look for something more like that of Hawaiian rolls we had in our schools down here. I'm guessing the tangzong method.

I haven't been able to do much baking but school for the kiddos start next week, so I'll have lots of time to bake (and rest) and have a nice smelling kitchen. It's been a very busy year.