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Lee flour mill - Parts

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Lee flour mill - Parts

The original company is now defunct as of 2018 and I'm struggling to find replacement parts.

I have an non-adjustable S500 and an adjustable S600 iirc.

The first one has two issues:

The feeder spring has lost tension, causing over-feeding and overheating leading to a motor stall. Only happened once and it's been offline until I could get a new spring.

One of the carbon brush mounts in the back motor assembly had snapped off (tiny bronze rod)

I just need to replace the mount portion, doesn't look too 'expensive' or what not but can't find a replacement so :\

For the second one -

Adjustment ring has been out of whack for ages. Someone had crossthreaded the center bit (not sure what it's called) that has the handle go into it (its usually bolted through with a rod afaik).  While adjusting the screws and tweaking handle, the handle decided to snap off. Since it uses the handle to center the adjustment ring I need a replacement for the handle and the (nut?) bit that it screws into.

Now I'm out two mills and can't grind no flour.....

Anyone have a clue what to do? Would be sad to throw these out just because a few minor bits and bobs are broken.


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Sorry to hear, typically what fails is the motor windings, which means the mill is toast.  There is someone on ebay selling some parts,  you might want to send an email asking if they have the assembly that holds the brush   The auction I linked to is selling the control lever assembly,  I assume that may work for your S600.  If it does not fit, not sure what you need, just the lever that goes from C to F?   If you can get the old one out,  it should be pretty simple to buy a screw that fits that hole.  Worse comes to worse,  I would drill it out, then retap it.   I will send you a PM with some other suggestions. 

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Thankfully the S500 continued working, the burn-in seems quite slight. It kept working fine if manually fed.

I opened it up to inspect for damage and it was only 'a little' melty.

In the process of getting it back together the rod holding one of the brushes snapped (I guess brittle due to age)

For the S600 - the handle snapped off inside the threaded insert so both need to be replaced. I haven't spent too much looking for replacement just yet, can probably find one on mcmaster.