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Croissant Troubleshooting

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Croissant Troubleshooting

Hi there, I'm trying to make croissants using these ingredients from a youtube video:


500g flour (12%)

55g Brown sugar

10g Salt 130 g Milk

130 g Water

10-12g instant dry

50g Soft butter 

250g Good quality unsalted butter (82%) for lamination 


However whenever I bake them at 200C for 20 minutes, they never seem to brown. They turn out pale like the picture I attached.

Things to note: 

- Where I currently live the temperature is quite high (24-26C), but I take care to turn on air conditioning and frequently cooling my dough between the folds

- My oven is a gas oven, but I bought an over thermometer

- I have proofed this batch for about 3.5 hours (for my previous batches I have tried proofing for 1.5-2 hours)


I have tried this about 2-3 times but they always turn out pale and not so different looking from before baking and after baking. The inside seems to also have this semi transparent appearance. 



Can anyone help me decipher this please? (:


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Hi Doorhinge,

Not sure what went wrong- I think it’s a few things. Here’s a nice tutorial:

Keep it up, it takes a few tries to get croissants right. Also, it’s more forgiving to make them in cool weather. 

Best wishes,