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Brook Bake

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Brook Bake

Has anyone purchased equipment from Brook Bake? How was your customer service experience? I'm looking at a TC Pico Plus. Thanks!

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I have not heard of it but it looks like it would be a great oven. It makes me want to surrey down to a stone soul picnic.

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Welcome to TFL !

You're in luck. There is already a review or two of the oven, and some mentions of Brook Bake.

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Hey there,


I have not purchased this oven but have a Nero 400 from Brook Bake - I am just a month in so I cannot comment on the durability but the build seems decent enough. I would say customer service leaves a bit to be desired. They are no Pleasant Hill Grain that is for dang sure. 

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How was your experience buying from Brook Bake.. I just purchased an oven and communication seems to be a little spotty and hard to get anyone on the phone lately. 

I need some reassurance I will recieve my oven!