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Kitchenaid Artisan 5 qt vs Pro 5 qt

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Kitchenaid Artisan 5 qt vs Pro 5 qt

Hello everyone,

I am trying to decide between the KA Artisan 5 qt or the KA Pro 5 qt. They're very close in price right now. I make 100% whole wheat bread, one loaf at a time. I've been using the no-knead method and want to switch to kneaded to get a softer crust and better product in general.  So that's why I'm looking for the stand mixer--to do the kneading. 

From what I've read, the Artisan seems to be more convenient in adding ingredients and also in getting the bowl on and off the stand.  But the Pro is much more powerful for dense doughs, although people complain about not being able to lift the mixer arm to add ingredients and getting the bowl off. 

I'm wondering: will the Artisan hold up to the whole wheat dough? A video I saw showed it shaking quite a bit with a white dough. Is it worth the inconvenience of the Pro (and how big a deal is that?) in order to have the much more powerful motor for the denser dough (and the curly hook)? 

Thank you so much, experienced bakers, this site is great!


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The spiral "curly" hook is ***WAY*** better than the C hook in my experience. 

I almost never add ingredients to my mixer while it is operating and then I don't find it too hard to add them without removing the bowl. When I need to scrape down the sides of the bowl, I stop the mixer and reach over. 

I think you'll like the Pro better.

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And it's fine for a single loaf. BUT... I bought it on sale for $199 knowing its limits. If I could get the Pro for basically the same price and was fine dealing with the extra size I'd get the Pro.

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Thanks so much for your comments!! It's great to have people to ask!

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Always more power, when price is acceptable. 



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Good to know, thanks!