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Online classes

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Online classes

Hi everybody,

I took a break from my Chef career to start working as a baker in an artesanal Bakery in Portugal. I really love this job and I would like to learn more about this profession and the techniques involved. I really would like to start an online professional course (at the moment I have no time for in-person classes).

Are there any professional bakers here that can help me with this choice? Does anyone recommend any good institute that offers online courses

Thanks for the attention 



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 Welcome to TFL!

This may not be exactly what you are looking for. Teresa's videos are geared to home bakers, and commercial ovens would be a bit different, but formula  basics would still apply.

Teresa Greenway's online course (pay site):


Her free online videos are at:

Northwest Sourdough:

or by playlist:


Teresa's website, some parts are free, some are behind a pay-wall: 

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These free video channels are also geared to home bakers, but the basics of artisan bread formulas may be useful to you.


_JC_ :

The Bread Code:

Full Proof Baking, Kristen Dennis:


The King Arthur Flour channel actually has some videos that are geared to a commercial bakery.

King Arthur Flour (Jeff Hamelman & Martin Philip): Most excellent!



Foodgeek web site:

Trevor J. Wilson:

Trevor's website:

Sourdough Journey:

Elly's Everyday Whole Grain Sourdough channel:


I hope you can come back and let us know which ones you liked.

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For $75 per year access to 240 professional baking videos.

And virtual education by the Bread Bakers Guild of America

Artisan bread in Portugal is unique and will require on site training, of course. But the principles of bread baking are  universal.

Please, consult O Pao Em Portugal book by Mouette Barboff et al. as well, for the recipes and techniques unique to Portuguese bread and their bread baking.